The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

This title sat in my Kindle for over a year before I got around to reading it.  I purchased it on impulse after hearing rave reviews from some of my dog loving friends.  Really all I saw when I skimmed the synopsis was that it was about a race car driver, and I’m really not into car racing.

Enzo, one of the coolest dogs ever-maybe even cooler than Marley, has an instantly captivating voice.  I was immediately drawn into the story, fascinated by his point of view.  I will never look at my dog the same after reading this novel.  I honestly wonder what he is thinking now and hope he loves me and my family as powerfully and completely as Enzo loved his.  I also hope he will protect me from any evil zebras that may be lurking in our house.

As for car racing, well that is just a minor detail.  Enzo’s owner, Denny, races cars, and his in-laws don’t like it.  In fact, they don’t seem to like much about Denny at all, which becomes a problem when his wife is diagnosed with cancer.  They move Eve into their home and do everything they can to get custody of Denny and Eve’s daughter, Zoe.

This story is deep and I cherished every word.  It was one of those where I was sad when I reached the last page.  Stein really tapped into the lengths love will drive people.  He leaves the reader wondering if some choices are driven by misguided love or something else.

The Art of Racing in the Rain will leave you a better person for having read it.


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