Checking In

There is nothing more annoying than discovering a blog you love only to find it is never updated.  I am trying not to be that blogger, so when I hit a dry spell I will post a “checking in” piece.

Last week I spoke with Courtney Carver at Be More With Less.  I was struggling with finding time for my writing and the confidence to label it as a job since it isn’t currently paying any bills.  Courtney gave me a fantastic pep talk and even used our conversation for a wonderful post about the importance of making time for our creative work.

After Courtney got me revved up and raring  to go, I put my nose to the novel grindstone.  I have been moving forward on a new piece in a genre I never saw myself writing.  YA Fantasy.  However, the words have been pouring out of me, so I think I’m on the right track.  I will share more about this story in another post.

I have also been devoting more time to reading.  Awesome books have always driven my desire to write.  The more I read, the more inspired I become.  I have realized that reading is essential to my work as a writer.  Stay tuned for more book reviews.

Until next time…


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