A Quiet Mind

Last Friday I found myself on the business end of my vacuum cleaner.  Family was coming from out-of-town that evening, and I needed to catch up on my housework.  I really wanted to be writing instead and was feeling kind of grumpy, but I kept moving forward and after a bit my mind wandered from my irritation.  It wasn’t long before I noticed how peaceful I felt.  The roar of the machine and the rhythmic to and fro arm motion had worked me into a meditative state.  The next thing I knew, vivid images displaying answers to some problems I was having with a WIP (work in progress) I started and shelved months ago were flashing through my head.  By opening and resting my mind, I had given those ideas room to swim around and find their way to the surface. I had to switch off the vacuum cleaner and dash into my room for my journal and pen.  There was no way I was going to let those babies get away.

Not long ago, Courtney Carver wrote a wonderful post on her blog, Be More with Less , about using regular, mundane tasks to center ourselves when life gets crazy.  It got me thinking about how much I like to clean my kitchen every morning.  I quietly arrange my thoughts and prepare for my day.  Some days I actually unwind while folding laundry, and apparently I get amazing light bulb moments when vacuuming.  I’m not good at meditating-sitting still is really hard for me-and I didn’t realize until I saw Courtney’s post that those routine jobs serve more of a purpose than just keeping my house clean and running smooth.

Last week I finished reading Natalie Goldberg’s The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language.  She talked a lot about the connection between meditation and writing.  I was inspired by the idea, but as I mentioned above, meditation and sitting in one spot is not easy for me.  However, combining her ideas with Courtney’s thoughts I realized I just might have a winning combination.

Does your creativity flourish when you are able to rest your brain and get back in touch with yourself?


3 thoughts on “A Quiet Mind

  1. Those mundane tasks create order in our day which is freeing for those of us who get stressed with disorder & chaos. Love it!

  2. I’m with you on the sitting still. SO hard. I find peace in these tasks too – puttering around my house, picking up clutter…It’s therapeutic if we let it be. 🙂

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