Bound by J. Elizabeth Hill

I am still catching my breath after finishing Bound almost six hours ago.  From the first sentence to the last Hill wove a spell through my imagination that wouldn’t let go.

She drew me in with main character, Faylanna’s, flight for her life from the academy that had been her home for several years.  In the process she lost her beloved mentor and her trust toward her father.

While trying to get a bite to eat at a crowded inn, Fay is required to share a table with an intriguing and handsome young man, to whom she is immediately drawn.  They take off the next morning on an adventure that will change them both forever.

I’m going to have to stop the plot retelling there, as I don’t want this to be a spoiler review.  But, just know the events that follow are one surprise after another that left me holding my breath and guessing as what could possible happen to these people next.

Hill literally whisked me away to a fantastical world filled with betrayal, romance, danger, and magic.  The breath I had been holding for the first 80% (Kindle’s equivalent to page numbers) was completely stolen from me in the final scenes.

The best thing about Bound is that it the first in a trilogy!  That means more Faylanna and Tavis adventures lie ahead.  The follow-up book Possession will be out September 10.  Stay tuned for an interview with Hill later this summer.

Another thing I have to mention is that Hill is an indie author.  Given that is the direction I am heading, it thrills me to read such quality work from someone who was brave enough to take on the sometimes murky waters of self-publishing.  Authors like Hill pave the way for those of us just beginning the journey.  The more amazing work that is put out in the self-publishing world and recognized the more the industry can grow and develop a reputation we can all be proud of.

You can learn more about Hill at her website:

Or follow her on Twitter: @jlizhill


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