One by LeighAnn Kopans

Look out, Bella and Edward, there is a new hot and sexy young adult couple on the scene:  Merrin and Elias.  They won’t suck your blood, but they will grab your heart and fly off with it.

Kopans created a world where three kinds of people exist: Supers, Normals, and Ones.  Supers possess at least two super powers.  Normals possess none.  As for the poor Ones, they fall in the middle with seemingly one piddly power.  Neither Super, nor Normal, Ones often find themselves as outcasts wherever they go.  Fortunately for Merrin Grey, the Ones in her new high school quickly adopt her into their small group.

Before she knows it, her body is reacting in ways she had never experienced before, and I’m not just talking about adolescent lust.  While simultaneously falling in love, Merrin and Elias discover that they can combine their Ones and do the one thing they have both dreamed of: fly.

The first half of the book is passionately charged with the power of the first real love we all remember.  Then it takes a turn and reveals a top-secret plan that involves human testing and genetic manipulation that has the potential  to either help or really hurt many people.  It’s up to Merrin and Elias to put a stop to this before their parents and siblings are damaged beyond repair.

Kopans does a wonderful job of creating some of the most realistic high school characters I have read in a while.  Her balance of action and romance keeps the pages turning.  Honestly, if you liked the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, you will love One.

One is a another awesome self-published book to hit the market.  Be looking for the sequel, Two, in October.  Learn more about LeighAnn Kopans at her website or follow her on Twitter @LeighAnnKopans



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