A Space of My Own

When I first started on this writing journey, I hauled my laptop around the house and settled wherever looked the most comfortable that day.  The set-up was okay, but not perfect as I didn’t have a way to escape my family and close a door so I could really work.  After a lot of encouragement, I finally decided it would be all right to invest in myself and create a space I loved to be in–a place with a door.

The spare bedroom in our small house was always used as a guest room–not a very welcoming one at that–and Brett’s messy man cave.  He agreed to share the room with me, because I’m spoiled like that.

Office Makeover 005This giant futon from our newlywed days took up about half of the room.  Thankfully we live in a college town, and I was able to sell it in less than twenty four hours.  Turns out I don’t have any pictures of the room in its before state other than this as I HATED it until now.

So, without further ado, click HERE for the video tour of my new office.  I apologize for filming it the wrong way, but I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get the narrative as perfect if I tried again.  I’d love to see pictures/videos of your writing spaces!


4 thoughts on “A Space of My Own

  1. So fun to see your writing space! And hear your voice (does that make me seem like a stalker?!) It’s so pleasant and easy to listen to. Makes me want to video something!!

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