Grateful for My Writing Tribe

This week promises to be chaotic for me.  C is out of school all week for Thanksgiving.  Even though we aren’t traveling and plan to keep the celebration low key with just a few close friends, I feel overwhelmed.  I love having the extra time with my daughter, but my stomach hurt before bed last night wondering how I was going to do it all: entertain her, clean the house, errands, and make progress on the novel’s edits.

My Spark and Tinder group has been focusing on the word priority this month.  Knowing this week would be nutty, last Friday I decided I would skip a blog post so I could devote all my work time to the book.  That helped my stress some.  Then I got up this morning and put on an EntreLeasdership podcast with Dave Ramsey and Seth Godin while I cleaned the kitchen.  They got to talking about generosity in business, which made me start thinking about all the kind and generous souls I have met in the writing world this last year.  I knew right then I had to write this post.

When I decided to indie publish my work, I stepped into the deep end of a pool.  The idea seemed so simple until I really delved into it.   Because someone said I needed to, I started a twitter account.  Slowly I made friends, read their books, and started asking questions.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  In many industries new faces mean more competition.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover the writing community to be open and excited to help.  So, I’m going to use my little corner of the Internet to thank the people who took time out of their busy lives to answer my constant questions with patience and grace, allowed me a little time on their blog, and those who jump in the writing trenches with me to keep me motivated and encouraged.  I am truly grateful for you all.  Thank you!

Angi Black

Leigh Ann Kopans

J. Elizabeth Hill

Courtney Carver

Hugh Howey

Robert Wall

Elayne Griffith

Simone Linke

Jason Cantrell

Von Malcolm

Skye Fairwin


Tim Oliver

Maria Mora



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