On My Way to a Play List

A lot of authors talk about the music that inspires their stories.  Many have full on playlists.  I never could identify, I just thought, “Oh, that’s nice,” and moved on to my own thing.  Until I started writing my new novel.  Songs are popping up all over the place that create scenes in my mind so strong, I have to stop whatever I’m doing and at least take some notes if rushing to my office for an hour is not an option.

My new title, Tackling Summer, takes me back home.  I was raised on a cattle ranch in Idaho, and while I’ve never been the cowgirl my sisters are, I am a country girl at heart.   I grew up on country music, genuine hard working people and gorgeous scenery.  Cities make me nervous.   Honestly, I believe Bear, Idaho is one of the most romantic places on earth.  We spent our summers there playing in the woods, swimming horses in ponds, building forts out of retired outhouses, and helping Dad move cattle.

When we were in high school, we spent the school year about fifteen minutes from Weiser, Idaho, right in the middle of onion and sugar beet country.  A busy train track ran right through the middle of everything.  My boyfriend, AKA future husband, and I fell in love with the clacking and banging of those trains in the background.  So, when Jason Aldean came out with the song Night Train, images began to tear through my brain.  Glimpses of heated kisses, finding a place to be in the night where we could just see the sky and be together.  Gradually, I started to see my characters in these scenes.  This song took an idea I had floating around in my head and brought it to life.

I will share more songs from the Tackling Summer playlist in future posts.  For now, I hope you’ll take a few minutes and listen to this passion filled song: Night Train.


4 thoughts on “On My Way to a Play List

  1. You’re from Idaho! Love that state. My ancestors crossed the Oregon Trail and homesteaded there, in Warren, Idaho. My Dad was born in Grangeville and lived in Oakley until they moved to Seattle. My great-grandfather (maybe great-great, I can never remember) was killed by the Sheepeater Indians and then my great-grandmother moved into town and ran a brothel…I have so much history in that gorgeous state!

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